6 Trysourse Products for a Supplements

6 Trysourse Products for a Supplements

Trysourse.com is an online shopping website that focuses on selling vitamins and supplements that are bite-sized and enjoyable in the form of dark chocolate bite-sized pieces of supplements.

According to them, real, lightly processed food is the best source of nutrients. So, they introduced their vitamin-infused dark chocolate pieces to make taking care of yourself a treat. It is made with only pure, plant-based ingredients.

Chocolate was selected because it is a nutrient-dense food that also has natural properties that make it a great vehicle for the delivery of nutrients. Cocoa is considered to be a prebiotic, which means that it promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut and enhances the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

The practice of supplementing should be fun for everyone. They are here to accompany you on your journey toward wellness by providing you with mouthwatering bites that, the moment you consume them, begin to enhance your life and get you closer to achieving your health goals.

You can check their website to get your daily bite-sized vitamins:

Here Are 6 Products Recommendation From Their Site

1. Energy Bites

These energy bites can boost your metabolism and focus. The naturally occurring L-theanine and caffeine-infused green tea matcha provides a clear sense of alertness and produce relaxing neurotransmitters that boost focus.

2. Beauty Bites

This beauty bite maintains hair nourished from the inside out and is the essential nutrient for thicker, longer hair. The main factor in healthy hair and nails is biotin, which increases growth and promotes shine by encouraging the formation of keratin and other essential proteins.

3. Hype Bites

Vitamin B12 promotes cellular energy production, allowing for healthy brain activity throughout the day. With this crucial nutrient, you can boost your energy, clarity, and attention. It is also necessary for a healthy neurological system.

4. Mood Bites

A healthy immune system and brain are supported by vitamin D. Premium saffron extract reduces cortisol and raises serotonin.

Taking these mood bites naturally and without side effects helps you reduce stress and regulate your mood in two weeks.

5. The Nootropic Treatment

These two last products recommendation would be in sets that would include some of the products mentioned above, so if you want to save a little but still wants the same benefits, you might want to consider these sets.

The first one is called the Nootropic Treatment, and it is a combination of essential vitamin B12 from Hype Bites, concentration-boosting matcha green tea caffeine, and l-theanine from Energy Bites, which promotes relaxation without causing drowsiness.

6. Glow Bites

Hydrate and plump skin with clinically proven plant-based collagen in two weeks. Phytoceramides help skin retain moisture and preserve collagen, smoothing the complexion from the inside out.