Health Benefits Of Eating Nordic Diet

Health Benefits Of Eating Nordic Diet

The Nordic diet is a healthful diet that emphasizes traditional eating dishes of Scandinavian countries, typically including wholegrain cereals, vegetables, and potatoes, with cold-water fish as a primary source of animal protein. The benefits of eating this way include

It’s low in sugar and processed foods.

A Nordic diet will be naturally low in sugar because even sweets and desserts are made from ingredients like oats, honey, fruit, and cinnamon. It’s easier to be healthier when you don’t have all the added sugar, dairy products, wheat, and white rice that make up the bulk of our diets. Even the USA’s government recommends a balanced diet with less than 10% of your caloric intake from added sugars.

It’s high in fiber and nuts.

Fiber is so vital for our bodies that some nutritionists even recommend that we should eat more fiber than any other type of food. That’s basically what a Nordic diet is – it’s full of pulses, nuts, seeds, and berries.

It’s low on the glycemic index (GI) scale.

A traditional Nordic diet won’t raise your insulin levels much. They tend to include lots of high GI foods such as potatoes, wholegrain rye, and oats in their meals, but none of the refined sugars and dairy products we’re used to.

It’s free from GMOs and hormone-treated meat.

Nordic countries are famous for their progressive attitude towards clean air, water, and food. Many Nordic countries have banned genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from their country, and hormone-treated meat is even banned in some places.

It’s full of healthy fish and seafood.

Fish is one of the healthiest types of food on earth, yet people tend to go for fatty beef when it comes to red meat. A Nordic diet might include lean fish like cod, salmon, tuna, and plenty of other sea life, such as mussels, octopus, and seaweed.

The nordic diet is low in sugar and processed foods. It’s full of fiber, nuts, and healthy fish. It’s free from GMOs and hormone-treated meat. All these reasons are why people should try the nordic diet